In a business where on small error can cause unwanted delays and unnecessary expense, Ferrara International Logistics has built a solid reputation for outstanding customer service. Whether you’re a grower, manufacturer, or trader, Ferrara offers you:

PERSONAL ATTENTION  A dedicated account manager oversees every detail of your shipment. When you need information or advise, you can go right to the person in charge without getting the runaround.
BENEFIT: One-point responsibility, expert supervision.

DOCUMENTATION SPECIALIST  Experienced consultants handle all the paperwork for your shipments. They understand the many complex requirements mandated by foreign governments and Federal agencies and can help you avoid entry or exit problems.
BENEFIT: No costly penalties, no shipment stoppages.

EXPERT CONSULTATION  Sound import strategies can help you to increase Customs compliance, eliminate mistakes, cut costs, and strengthen relationships with your customers and clients. We know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.
BENEFIT: Duty savings, faster Customs release, lower landed costs.

MODERN FACILITIES  With over 150,000-sq. ft. of fully equipped warehouse space, plus a Customs-bonded container freight station near to major air, sea, rail, and trucking hubs, we can provide a remarkable combination of convenience, custodial care, and cost control.
BENEFIT: Security, savings, and peace of mind.

INTERACTIVE COMMUNICATIONS  Using our 21 st century electronic network, you can log into our global computer system to track individual shipments, check invoices and other important data.
BENEFIT: Immediate access to valuable and useful information.

TURNKEY OPERATIONS  To help you serve your customer better – and make your profits bigger – Ferrara and its subsidiaries can provide you with a complete door-to-door logistics support. We offer these comprehensive, yet economical, services to both domestic and overseas companies.
BENEFIT: Expert supervision, total coordination, lower costs.

FREE CONSULTATION  We invite you to call for a free consultation regarding the ways we can help you enhance and expedite your import and export operations.
BENEFIT: Information that can lead to business success.

A majority of our clients have stayed with us for almost two decades because we watch their cargoes and their costs – not the clock. They can tell you that for speed, savings and savvy, you can always depend on Ferrara.